How to train your “Commitment Muscle” (Bio-hacking)

When I partnered with Global Fitness brand Equinox on the #committosomething campaign, I understand that it takes more than goals in achieving your dreams and how we need to bridge that gap between setting goals and staying committed to the process! 

After all, goals are easy to set: I want to lose 10 lbs.; get in shape for summer. But get real with yourself, dig deep to figure out what is driving your goals.

Having goals can be a powerful motivator, but you need a system in place to keep you going!

The real challenge for most of us is that we spend so much time identifying our goals and making commitments to ourselves without fully understanding what we need for the process of sticking to our commitments.

When you make promises about behaviors and outcomes to reach your goals, but find yourself getting stuck over and over again- It could be that your process needs some work-

“My Training mindset is the same philosophy I apply to business and everyday life -. It’s not enough to have a goal, you need to be committed to the process –It begins with exercising the mindset just like exercising the body! I call this the “Commitment Muscle”

When it comes to success stories on Total body transformations, I’ve learned from my experience of coaching clients and with my own personal goals and commitment for years in living a healthy active lifestyle that-sustainable transformation is more than being attached to the outcome-  and numbers on a scale – we need to dig deeper to a greater purpose and commit to the Performance of the process!

Sustainable transformation is multidimensional- It comes down to your Wellness Performance 365 days a year in cross-training your mind to exercise the habits in cultivating your best self.  When it comes to habits, whether good or bads, they shape up us!

 We’re not truly committed to our goals when we’re not actively pursuing them. 

 My Biohacking Process!

What is biohacking anyways?

“Biohacking is the process of using real science, biology, and self-experimentation to take control of and elevate your mind, body, health and life performance” Biohacking simplified, is the art and science of changing the environment around you and inside you, so you have more control over your own biology.

Biohacking rejects the idea that the best and only approach to getting healthier and avoiding disease is to diet and workout out every day. “It’s not as simple as ‘calories in, calories out.’ What you put in your body is every bit as important as how much. While popular mainstream diets like keto and paleo are common among biohackers, the philosophy of the movement acknowledges that what works for one person may not work for everyone!  

Training the Commitment Muscle with the science of a Mesocycle

When it comes to 12-week Challenges- I am sure you’ve seen them quite often in the fitness industry!  “Join this 12-week challenge! “


Photo Credits: Equinox California 

Why do we often see this? 

This acts as the Trigger to the behavior you desire. The announcement of the challenge serves as the extra prompt that you just might need. It’s the call to action (literally!) to Motivate the behavior!



I want to dig deeper with you on this!

12 week challenges should be more than a boot-camp style approach- that’s why the process behind this approach delivers real backed science, that is more than just a caloric burn and quick fix diet approach- A highly effective method that professional athletes have always applied to elevate performance through mind + body is known as periodization!

This is an annual systematic psychological and physiological plan designed into various cycles within a certain time frame to prepare your mindset, get your head in the game and act on the goal (Perform) while allowing enough recovery to prevent mind and body burnout! This method balances positive stress with recovery and inspires action! 


The Science of Periodization when it comes to 12-week Mesocycles!

That’s why I apply a 12-week scientific approach known as periodization as the process to my goals in strengthening my habit forming neural pathways!

Periodization is a science that not only applies to transforming the body but to neural adaptation in EXERCISING THE MIND from a psychological standpoint because it can transform your habits and exercise that “Commitment Muscle” to a new healthy routine.

 During and Following 12- week Mesocycles-This becomes more than a program and total body transformation – you’re strengthening your habit forming neural pathways through this adaptation of making these habits a part of your everyday lifestyle. 

When you’ve performed a new routine enough times in a 12-week Mesocycle for connections to be made and strengthened in your brain, the behavior will require less effort as it becomes the default pattern,” You start making healthier choices and decisions that support your goals! Whether it’s going to the gym consistently every week, tweaking your meals for healthier alternatives or working your way through meditation for a mind workout- You will begin to feel a sense of progress and confidence knowing you have committed to your goal long after you set it!

Periodization systems are a great process to have in place! They have been a game changer and framework in coaching clients to transform more than their bodies but commit to a process based on progression!  


Periodization Mesocycles exercise the Mind


  • Periodization can train your mind in Implementing new habits by rewiring your brain.
  • Habits are found in an area of your brain called the basal ganglia.
  • The more often you perform an action or behave a certain way, the more it gets physically wired into your brain.
  • This amazing adaptive quality of your brain is known as neuroplasticity.
  • Your brain forms neuronal connections based on what you do repeatedly in your life — both good and bad.
  • Every time you act in the same way, a specific neuronal pattern is stimulated and becomes strengthened in your brain.


“When you first try to adopt a new behavior, you have to enlist your prefrontal cortex, the thinking brain, and insert conscious effort, intention and thought into the process. 


12-week Mesocycles are a great framework to incorporate a few times a year into your year to achieve specific behaviors that support your goals!


Check out how Michelle transformed her mindset using my Wellness App system in achieving the habits to support her goals!