Sticking with a healthy and fitness regime is not always easy. We can be our own worst enemies. After all, we can be tough on ourselves. The truth is, missing a workout or sneaking a bite of cake becomes a way bigger deal in our own minds than it is in reality. Sometimes the only thing you need to keep you from sabotaging the rest of your day is empowerment. Here are some simple tips that have worked for me and my clients, for keeping things in perspective and motivating you to stick with your routine.

Don’t diet: The enjoyment factor!

Getting fit doesn’t mean sacrificing taste! If you put a little work into finding recipes that are healthier versions of the guilt foods you love- you will eat well and properly equip yourself to maintain a healthy lifestyle, by eating deliciously without any guilt. Natures Emporium has some amazing healthier alternatives that I love such as Coconut bacon, coconut wraps and mung bean fettuccine! Stay tuned for our Lifestyle Detox plan and recipes this fall!

Try Something New: Not only will it Prevent plateaus-it will inspire new motivation and prevent boredom with a renewed sense of accomplishment! Conquering a new class, workout or planning a fitness challenge gives you the ability to resist unnecessary temptation and inspires you to take on new challenges. Not sure where to start? Email me!

Make It Fun: Get your friends and loved ones involved! Try skipping your Thursday evening cocktail hour for a game of beach volleyball, or new happening workout class- this is a great way to bond and accomplish your goals.

Dress Up and show up: Dressing the part doesn’t just give you a more effective workout it also encourages you and makes you feel more confident! Having a great gym outfit can get you excited about hitting a new class and push yourself to the limits while getting your sweat on- why not take a few cute workout selfless while you’re at it and motivate someone else? Check out the Stella McCartney by Adidas line……fashion meets performance! #heretocreate

Prioritize your wellness with “ ME” time scheduling: Scheduling your workouts is equally important as work schedules and your social calendar! Perhaps more when it comes to your wellness! When you feel better, all other aspects of your life improve! You will feel more organized, but dedicated. So grab a calendar and schedule your self in because you’re worth it!

Inspiration: While we can be quick to tear ourselves down, we often forget to boost ourselves up. Focus on all the positive actions you are taking and remind yourself that when we slip up once in awhile to not dwell on but strategize on how to overcome these moments, prevent them and keep it moving forward!

Make it a lifestyle habit: Sometimes we don’t feel motivated to workout, it’s been a long day sitting at a desk or you’re just not feeling it- unless you’re not feeling well or overtraining! You may just realize that your heart rate needs a boost! When you get your circulation going, you tend to feel more energetic! My self-talk is to “dress up and show up” and allow at least 15-20 mins- if you are still feeling tired then you may just need to rest but at least you are overcoming the “ not feeling like it”! Something is better then nothing! Sneaking in a few moments of getting your heart rate up, even when you weren’t planning on doing anything. You’d be surprised how simple it is to sneak a workout into your day without hitting the gym!

Don’t just focus on aesthetics: Reprogram your mind to not just focus on losing weight and a tighter midsection- focus on performance goals too! Challenge yourself. Along with your workout schedule, mark your calendar with days to reach certain performance fitness goals. Working towards something is a great way to stay on track and will get you motivated because you can feel and see the progression! Whether it’s aiming to do your first 5k or perform a full push up- you will feel a sense of accomplishment, stronger and the results will just come!