Whether you’re ready to bounce from one meeting to the next, hit a workout, or don’t want to rush inside to eat, a healthy snack can give you the nutrients and energy you need to fuel up on-the-go.

Like many of you, I find it challenging to stop for food when I’m running to meetings or working with clients. And the last thing I want is to feel depleted – especially before a workout. Plus, going for too long between meals can lead to eating too much in one sitting – which is never good for the waistline. This is why I often turn to Bounce Balls.

Why Bounce?

First, I love that the company was started as a labour of love. It was founded by Andy and Paula Hannagan, affectionately known as Mr. and Mrs. Bounce (How cute is this?), in their garage. Bounce has now snowballed into a global brand. However, Andy and Paula still share an approach to life that was (and remains) the heart and soul of the brand – Eat Good, Feel Good, Do Good. Who can’t get behind that?


In keeping with their motto, Bounce is packed with loads of good stuff – starting with nine grams of protein. The whey protein they use has a high amino acid profile to help stabilize blood sugar and curb hunger, while boosting your amino acids for ultimate muscle building.

Bounce bars are also packed with healthy fats, fibre and antioxidants. Plus, there’s no artificial additives, gluten, GMO’s or heat processing. Because all the ingredients are cold pressed, they maintain their integrity for optimum nutrition.

A Few of My Favourite Flavours

I first fell in love with the Cacao Mint Bounce Ball. It didn’t make me feel bloated like some protein bars and snacks. And it didn’t spike my energy and leave me feeling burned out an hour later.

It’s an interesting mix of crunchy, yet smooth, and is slightly sweet – with just the right amount of refreshing mint. It’s almost too good to be healthy, and will satisfy your chocolate cravings with no remorse.

If mint’s not your thing, try coconut lemon, berry or macadamia, peanut, almond, cacao orange, apple cinnamon or even spirulina ginseng. There’s a Bounce ball for everyone’s taste!

Find these delicious Bounce snacks at https://www.naturesemporium.com