That kind of workout when you walk out feeling like a graceful, athletic goddess

As a Global ambassador at Equinox, I’m proud to represent a brand that is dedicated to workout science and focused on helping others achieve a high-performance life. We understand that plateaus happen, workout trends come and go, and boredom from a lack of motivation can occur! when I discovered THE MUSE TM workout where dance meets athleticism, I was intrigued! As a Fitness expert and former professional dancer, I can appreciate the fusion of fitness and the artistry of dance including how svelte and toned you become through practice! The focus on the workout choreography allows you to be in the present moment to practice mindfulness which we can all benefit from in our busy lives! 



My journey into SELF MUSE

THE MUSE TM workout was graceful with intervals of intensity and choreography that trained you like a dancer with an athletic edge! This workout is a great cardio heart-pumping circuit designed to lengthen and strengthen your muscles as you use light round-weights to boost your burn.  Once I mastered the moves from the incredible instructor April Miranda, I begin to naturally combine the movements feeling much more confident and creative in the flow as my own Muse. 

Why the Muse theory is so fitting

The muse is that reflection of heart’s desire and makes us feel alive with life. We only need to follow it to find enlightenment and unconditional love. But, to do so, we need to get the mind entirely out of the way. We need to step out of the perception of what we think and believe and what our journey will endure. We need to rid ourselves of any judgments and prior conditioning as to who and what we think we are, how we can or can’t be, or how we should or shouldn’t express ourselves. Pursuing the MUSE TM workout class was a reflection of this, it will bring you into a conscious awareness of the flow of the creative life energy within and all inhibitions go out the window. Where dance meets High-intensity intervals and mindfulness combined with resistance training in its most graceful elegance. 

Have you tried this workout? Would love to hear your feedback! xo