Real World Results

“It was the perfect reset and lifestyle change in dropping those stubborn inches and few lbs- I was feeling great.”

“I enjoyed the Kirsty’s OTG3 Lifestyle detox ™  21 day juicing, nutrition and fitness jump start. It gave me energy and made me feel wonderful while helping me to get over my plateau. Thanks!”

Susan Niczowski

President of Summer Fresh Foods

“Kirsty keeps me feeling like I am fresh out of college although I am a 10 year pro this upcoming season.”

“Working with Kirsty has been invaluable to my performance as a professional athlete. When it comes to training, her innovative techniques and belief in working hard but smart keeps the workouts fun and productive and leaves you looking forward to the next one. Coupled with her vast knowledge of diet and nutrition, Kirsty keeps me feeling like I am fresh out of college although I am a 10 year pro this upcoming season.”

Peter Cornell


“The perfect plan for sculpting your best body ever!”

Mario Lopez

“Knock Out Fitness”- Celebrity Training

“My days of yo-yo dieting and excuses to now workout are behind me thanks to Kirsty Dunne’s 21 day Lifestyle detox ™ plan!”

“For the first time in my life, my body is truly healthy and well-balanced. I feel satisfied from the juicing and realistic easy to follow meal planning and have little desire to eat junk food. The structure I adopted on the program has carried over to other parts of my life.
I wake up earlier and work out in the morning now. I also create daily schedules and set small goals for myself that I know I can meet. I’m thirty-three and in the best shape of my life, both mentally and physically.”

Michelle Gellar


“I think of myself as a wellness architect. My mission is to inspire and help others to optimize their health and wellness, change their lifestyles and motivate them to become physically active.”

Kirsty Dunne

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