My Wellness performance methods have coached people for everyday life, sport and business.

My coaching approach is more than a total body transformation – This is a lifestyle Framework and system you can easily apply to your everyday life that has worked for me and my client’s lifestyles! – It metabolizes a new experience that will reshape the way you think, feel and perform when it comes to your approach on habits, nutrition, fitness and business and exercising your mindset. 

Sustainable transformation is multidimensional- It comes down to your Wellness Performance, Cross-training your mind and body in cultivating your best self.  When it comes to habits, whether good or bad, they shape up us!

Change Your mind. Change your life

How a healthy self-body image can influence so many other areas of your life is transforming!

My health and performance not only transformed, but so did my mindset. I was aligned with my purpose to support and inspire other women to cultivate their best selves, which led to transformation in so many other aspects of my life. My dream of representing global fitness brands became a reality, especially with the Adidas here to create campaign empowering women in fitness to cultivate their best selves unconventionally- The Equinox “Commit to something” campaign and representing Maybelline to inspire beauty from within in cultivating a healthy self-body image-My approach is not just about changing the body, it’s a mindset and wellness transformation that transcends into so many other areas of life – business, relationships, and beyond…it all starts with in developing the psycholgoical stamina.


The goal of my coaching is to help you learn strategic approaches in which you can easily track your progress using objective measurements based on my break-through periodization approach. If performed consistently on a daily, weekly or monthly basis it will not only help you maintain accountability and support the development of positive habits, but it will deliver progressive and measurable success in achieving your goals.

Based on the science of Periodization

Periodization systems have been a game changer and scientific framework that I have applied to reaching new goals through progression. This applies not only to my fitness and nutrition methods but to my overall life performance. This is a systematic and traditional approach that professional athletes have always applied to sport performance goals and psychological stamina, which is the same philosophy that we can apply to any goal we desire! We don’t always need to be peak performance to be working at our full potential!

I will coach you through a systematic approach based on the science of adaptation measured in time to facilitate the most efficient path from goal setting to goal attainment! Achieve thee mindset and performance to powerfully reach goals, overcome obstacles and setbacks while preventing mind and body plateaus and burnout.

Periodization is also a science that applies to neural adaptation in EXERCISING THE MIND

When you’ve performed the new routine enough times through my periodization approach of progression for connections to be made and strengthened in your brain, the behavior will require less effort as it becomes the default pattern,” You act on the choices and decisions that support your goals.

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