30 Day Homebody Program


What you will receive:

  • Getting started group Live introduction to Program and goal setting framework specific to your personal goals!
  • X2 Live 30 Min. group Metabolic conditioning workouts weekly + Q+A with me
  • 30-day Access to my “Get It Dunne” Fitness App workout videos, instructions, progress calendar and healthy recipes
  • Private community and support

What will become learned + second nature to you! 

  • The science of Metabolic conditioning to workout smarter, not harder
  • How to use your body weight as your cardio machine!
  • Why Cardio zones are powerful and how to measure progress
  • How to master and put together a workout routine workout using my highly effective cross training methods Power-house Pilates, strength, HIIT, cardio and yoga
  • Leading edge science when it comes to cardiovascular health for metabolic and overall health and performance
  • The science of preventing plateau for the mind + body


Join me for a LIVE and personalized coaching experience with my 30-day HIIT your ZONE HOMEBODY fitness challenge special feature I have just recently created and compressed to deliver a new approach to getting fit in less time! I will break down my programs and methods from my Fitness App designed to target the “Afterburn” ZONE through Metabolic conditioning where you will continue to keep metabolism elevated for up to 36 hours in just 30 mins 3x a week!  All of my signature workouts are based on real science and designed to holistically cross train Bodyweight strength, cardio zones, Powerhouse Pilates and yoga into one workout and progress through the series!

Discover more than just being taken through the workout but how to use this method in a variety of ways to get more out of your workouts anywhere, anytime using your own body-weight as your cardio machine in just 30 mins 3x a week!

These Metabolic conditioning workouts should only be performed 3 x a week max as your off days is where the magic of Metabolic elevation kicks in! You don’t have to stress as less becomes more!  These methods and workouts are designed to result in the “AFTERBURN” where your body continues to burn calories not just during workouts but after while strengthening your entire body and cardiovascular health!

As featured with Adidas, Equinox and Wanderlust Canada and Medcan.