Metabolizing a new experience!

As an expert in the health and fitness industry, I specialize in coaching a diverse range of clientele from beginners to athletes and celebs. Through my partnership with Adidas, I’m also a proud leader and co-creator for major fitness and wellness events. Best described as a wellness architect, I thrive off of helping others to restructure their lives and achieve their health and fitness goals. As an Adidas ambassador, it’s a great fulfillment to lead campaigns that inspire individuals to shift their approach when it comes to health and fitness.   My passion keeps me constantly staying up to date on the latest science-backed findings for nutrition, fitness and most importantly, exercising the mindset to make the best choices that support our goals! The art of coaching is more than just a program – it’s a process where we closely work together so that you can have solutions readily available for when you’re literally on the fly. You know life happens – so often we find ourselves in changing circumstances with moving targets, and a standard cookie-cutter approach won’t work. Our bodies and our biochemistry are all uniquely different, and science is always evolving with new workout programs, fads and diets…but beyond all the complexity, I believe there is always a framework – a foundation that you can continue to build on that’s proven to be highly effective not only for my clients but also for myself and my busy traveling lifestyle!

I understand it can be frustrating to keep testing new diets, micromanaging calories, or feeling like “Oh, I just ate a cupcake. Well, there goes that 500 calories spin session!” Who wants that relationship? I want to recreate that relationship to support and empower you to get on the path for sustainable transformation. The science parts? You can leave that up to me. I’ll break things down in a way where science meets simplicity. By compressing my years of expertise in working with beginners, celebs, athletes, and global health & fitness brands, my intention is to now inspire and support YOU in your journey! Whether it’s finding a balance with your busy schedule, feeling stuck at a plateau, or just not knowing where to start, you’ll be equipped with a custom framework of solutions for your health and fitness challenges.

I saw the signs!

From my own personal struggles at a young age, the distorted thought patterns I experienced from constantly being inundated with diet and workout trends quickly led me to have an unhealthy relationship with my body image. I believed I had to diet and obsess and stress over my calories and how my body looked. It led me down a path that I realized was making me unhappy and unfulfilled mentally and physically. Dieting and working out to extremes left me feeling exhausted and unfulfilled. In healing and recovering from this phase, I ultimately found my purpose –to recreate my relationship with living a more flexible healthy lifestyle and was inspired to study exercise and nutrition and cultivate a healthier self to inspire and empower other women…. but it starts with the self.


When it comes to Body image- Body image is made up of a person’s beliefs, thoughts, perceptions, feelings, and actions about their body and appearance. Body image is important because the way we see ourselves influences every aspect of our lives: our mental health, our physical health, how we take care of ourselves!

My health and performance not only transformed but so did my mindset. I was aligned with my purpose to support and inspire other women to cultivate their best selves, which led to a transformation in so many other aspects of my life. My dream of representing global fitness brands became a reality, especially with the Adidas here to create campaign empowering women in fitness to cultivate their best selves unconventionally- The Equinox “Commit to something” campaign and representing Maybelline to inspire beauty from within-My approach is not just about changing the body, it’s a mindset and wellness transformation that transcends into so many other areas of life – business, relationships, and beyond…it all starts with wellness as the priority. 

Its more than reshaping your body- It’s reshaping your mindset!

Metabolic Flexibility is more than a total body transformation – This is a lifestyle Framework and system you can easily apply to your everyday life- it metabolizes a new experience that will reshape the way you think, feel and perform when it comes to your approach on food, fitness and exercising your mindset – Most importantly, it means we can trust our bodies. The more metabolically flexible we are, the less we have to go to extremes to work out, and the less we have to micromanage our macronutrients and calories and live a healthier lifestyle 365 days of the year! 


Are you ready to metabolize a new experience when it comes to your health and fitness? A total body transformation that begins within!

Learn about Metabolic Flexibility in this video and My Fitness App!