Sponsorship Benefits

Kirsty is a well-respected fitness advocate. Not only does she provide a brand with instant credibility, she will also create opportunities that meet with your brands specific objectives.  She will identify ways in which to reach your target audience in order to channel a wellness initiative into her community and digital platform. She will establish a holistic brand presence that bridges the gap between a product and a wellness driven campaign and experience for the consumer.

As a brand advocate, she brings together brands and consumers by utilizing her expertise and leadership as a visionary in the health and fitness industry as a spokesperson, brand leader and community influencer. Kirsty understands what attracts people to brands, through connection and her expertise and experience in the health and fitness industry bring a great depth of creative and innovative brand strategies, management and performance.

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Digital Brand Campaigns

Digital communication is a powerful influence where Kirsty reaches across demographics, across borders and beyond traditional spheres of influence.  With over- 45,000 Instagram users, through digital wellness communication and brand stories, she connects people with ideas and shares experiences in organic ways that promote well-being.

  • Wellness and fitness Blogging- Her photography and videography is often shot around the world, as Active Travel forms a significant part

  • Presenting and speaker- Kirsty hosted a variety of events for the Adidas Global campaign “Here to Create”, Sport Chek and Worldwide wellness event Wanderlust aligned with key messaging and her expertise as a Fitness leader.

  • Non-profit- Kirsty values philanthropy and community- She has participated and fundraised for events such as Adidas “Run for the Oceans” and the boat Rally for kids in support of The Sick Kids foundation

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Her Wellness Method

In order to engage with this audience, Kirsty breaks free from the constraints of traditional media and has evolved into a platform that spreads her message of healthy living to a broad and growing audience of by educating her engaged audience on methods that transcend industry hype in order to focus on achieving a more holistic approach to their lifestyle through wellness, fitness, travel and beauty.

Combining her expertise in wellness behavioral science with sustainable design is a powerful game changer in shifting consumer behavior

Her Creative Content Direction

Kirsty creates authentic, story-driven content that lives beyond the campaign itself, while infusing the brand’s core messaging into everything she produces. Her style of writing, videography and professional photography deliver an authentic lifestyle approach that is both engaging and relatable.