When it comes to working out, none of us expect to look like supermodels while sweating away on the treadmill. That said, looking good while you train can help to boost your confidence and may even urge you to spend more time on those burpees. Seriously, when you look good, you feel good; feeling good makes you want to stay longer.

Many of us think au natural is the best way to go when working out. However, it’s always a good idea to do a little makeup. I love a flawless, fresh-faced complexion, and a dab of tinted moisturizer or mineral makeup just gives you a fresher, cleaner look. I also LOVE a colour boost on my lips. It’s a great confidence booster and really enhances your look without a lot of extra time or heavy makeup.

So, it goes without saying that I was super pumped when Maybelline approached me to help represent their new line of sensational lip colours and liners. I love that they chose someone like me to represent their new line – a gal who spends more time working out, hair tied back and kicking it with her adidas gear, than strutting around town in her heels and perfect makeup.

I couldn’t wait to put their new lip line to the test and see how it stood up to a busy, athletic lifestyle.

Colour Palette

I’m a girl who tends to sport the same lip gloss hue for most of life’s events. So, when I received the amazing line-up of over 60 shades of lipstick, I was instantly drawn to my old fall backs – nude, soft pink and maybe a touch of coral. I find these soft shades great for a fitness lifestyle and they also complement my complexion.

I put the shades to the test, pairing the colour sensational lip liners with the hydrating lip colours. I’m not a big liner girl, and often find they are harsh on me. The lipstick usually wears off first, leaving me looking like a cross between a clown and someone who just ate a candy apple. However, the Maybelline liners were surprisingly soft, and the perfect defining compliment to my light hued lips. Plus, they really increased my lipstick’s staying power!

I can honestly say I’ve never received so many compliments from lip shades. Plus, I was really impressed how these colours stood up to my busy lifestyle, stayed on and kept my lips hydrated.

Colour Story

Here’s a look back at some of my favourite hues and how these #colorsensational lip colours performed during some of my favourite summer moments.

Pink and Proper (#20) Lasted through sun and waves at The Muskoka Boat Rally for Kids with Cancer in support of SickKids this July. Here I am ready for The Boat Scavenger Hunt, leading my Wellness team as captain.

Ready to represent Adidas at this weekends Wanderlust Mount Tremblant Wellness event! I paired my colourful Stella McCartney  Adidas workout bra with Coral Crush (#515) for a daring hue that really pops! 

We all have days when we just can’t get ourselves motivated or in the right frame of mind to workout. I feel you, trust me! For those days when you’re lacking in energy or enthusiasm, why not opt for an instant mood makeover? Colour Your Mood Sensational, with over 50 new staying power shades from Maybelline Colour Sensational. The hues will help brighten your workout – and may even outlast your time in the gym. @maybellinecan #Sponsored