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I enjoyed being a guest on the Breakfast TV show today with Dina Pugliese on why resistance band training is a great alternative to toning and cardio outside of the gym! 

Summer is here and the thought of being cooped up in the gym doesn’t sound very appealing on a beautiful day does it? Thanks to my go-to portable piece of equipment, the resistance band, you can ditch the gym and head outdoors for a total body sculpting, strengthening and cardio workout.

I first discovered the benefits of using bands while planning a women’s fitness retreat weekend. I wanted to make the weekend in Muskoka fun, unique and keep it outdoors. Weights were not an option. They are difficult to pack and lug up north, plus lifting weights can be so repetitive and boring. I wanted something better for my group, and so I went on a mission to my favourite fitness supply store  and found resistance bands.

The bands were light enough to take on hikes and runs, and could also be incorporated into yoga on the dock to make the poses more challenging. I designed an entire weekend of outdoor activities and band circuits, and my first release of my band was a hit! Everyone loved the workouts and my clients saw noticeable results.

Resistance band workouts soon became part of my signature method: The Metabolic Shape Up- a transformation program that has changed many women’s lives.

So why are bands great?

These lightweight bands are portable and can be used anywhere, from at-home workouts to outdoors and traveling.

Compared to exercise machines that often limit our range of motion and neglect the smaller muscles, resistance bands target a variety of muscle groups in multi directions without limiting our range of motion. They’re more congruent with how our body moves. Bands bring out muscle definition you never knew you had!

What’s even better is that they are perfect for any fitness level. The bands come in varied resistance levels and can be equal to the weight you lift at the gym.

A recent study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research—the first to compare similar exercises using weights vs. bands—found that those who did resistance band push ups gained just as much strength at those who did bench presses using a barbell.

Bands have been a game changer for my body and are a consistent staple in all my workouts. I’ve never had any injuries and owe my sleek definition to the mighty Flex  bands! Not only have they helped me achieve muscular symmetry and strength, they have also improved my running technique, speed and sprinting, and helped me avoid injury by toning and strengthening my tendons and ligaments.
Effective band training

To get the most out of your band training, try my signature method of applying HIIT (high intensity interval training) explosive drills as you progress for the ultimate caloric burn and sculpting workout. 

Incorporate 20 reps of a few of these exercises  for a total of 4 sets 3-4 x a week for a noticeable difference in as little as a 2 weeks for results outside the gym!

Whether you’re heading out for a hike, walking the dog or going for a run, bring along a band and possibly a buddy to do my buddy drills too!

Recommended brand for Resistance bands!