Her Program

Kirsty’s specialty is connecting with people of all fitness levels—from star athletes at the top of their game, to business professionals and stay-at-home moms. Her programs cater to a busy lifestyle, Cutting through industry hype and trends breaking down what you really need to know about getting healthy and being in shape.

Using the science of metabolic conditioning, her transformative method has been designed into a 21-day plan to rebuild the body’s metabolism and ability to burn fat, build lean muscle and absorb nutrients to their fullest potential in just 21 days.

This progressive 3 phase series takes you through Kirsty’s method and of juicing, meal planning and workouts, and includes a maintenance plan for lasting results.


Elevate Your Wellness Performance


Hear how Kirsty has helped guide remarkable transformations.

It Begins Within.

Find out why Mario Lopez and the L.A. Lakers have all called on Kirsty when they needed to get in shape for special events and appearances.