Kirsty works with organizations to elevate company culture, inspire commitment, and tie to business goals.

As a corporate Wellness director and speaker for organizations, Kirsty successfully creates, implements, measures and manages wellness initiatives with the best practices in wellness programs.

Kirsty bridges the gap within organizations mastering the performance of wellness when it comes to bringing wellness commitment to reality with focused action that produces results in all disciplines of wellness based on real science that people can relate too. Kirsty will work towards developing sustainable change the workplace and beyond the walls of the office, in exercising the habits that drive wellness transformation within organizations. Kirsty works with organizations through a customized approach in creating and sustaining a culture of wellness, driving and measuring employee engagement.

As a brand leader representing global initiative campaign “Here to create” with Adidas and Equinox Commit to something campaign, she understands that it takes more than a program- Kirsty is flipping the script when it comes to wellness initiatives that drive transformation through programs that feel like something that’s done for them, not done to them.

Her approach

Kirsty will present applied her theory in periodization when it comes to the fluctuating demands in life and business in that order to perform at your fullest potential- it doesn’t mean always to be in Peak Performance mode. We experience varied amounts of intensity and volume in our lives through work, relationships, family and in our professional lives.

Periodization theory has been applied to professional athletes in achieving specific performance outcomes-whether an athlete or no athlete-In life we move through various cycles of adaptation and stress, and the solution is in knowing when to move through these cycles for transformation to occur balancing stress with recovery.

Workplace Wellness initiatives can transform corporate culture and change lives! Let’s work together! 

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