It’s Time to Bring It!

Lace-up, my friends.

Join Me on The ‘Step Together Challenge’ with Carrot App!

Tomorrow is the First Day of Spring, and I’ve got some exciting news for you if you’re looking for a challenge to help get outdoors and walk, all while earning your favorite loyalty rewards, like Scene, Aeroplan, and more!

That’s why I am so honored and proud to announce my new partnership with (my favorite app,) Carrot Rewards!

What is the Carrot App?

Carrot Rewards is an award-winning wellness app created in collaboration with private and public sector agencies and three of Canada’s top health NGOS.

Carrot users earn their choice between Aeroplan® Miles, SCENE®Points, Petro-Points™, More Rewards® Points and Drop points each time they interact with the app, collecting rewards for making healthy lifestyle choices.

Pretty cool, right?

The Carrot App is celebrating one million downloads on its second birthday – and TODAY we are launching a new in-app feature “Step Together Challenge” and I want you to join me!


You too can nominate a friend to join the challenge in the world’s first peer-to-peer rewards for physical activity!

How Does The ‘Step Together Challenge’ Work?

The new in-app physical activity feature encourages Canadians to team up with their friends to earn even more rewards for achieving their daily step goals.

Nominate a friend to join the ‘Step Together Challenge’, and let’s keep each other
accountable to reach our daily step goals, while earning some awesome rewards!

For the next two weeks, I will be challenging a buddy to join me on this challenge. The accountability group is open to ANYONE who wants to join me, and you can nominate a buddy or loved one to join and step it up TOGETHER!

What’s better than having accountability to keep each other inspired?

Want to join my challenge? Click Here to Download the App!

And there’s more!

To introduce the NEW “Step Together Challenge”, Carrot is offering double points for the next two weeks to all Canadian users who try this innovative new feature.

Improve your health, be a part of an accountability challenge, AND earn double the points for your favorite rewards by joining the “Step Together Challenge”.

Imagine, you could walk your way to earning points towards your favorite destination, a free movie, or loyalty card!

I get so excited to use my Aeroplan points for the things I love most.
Especially when it gets me a flight to my favorite destinations, like sunny California. ☀️

I think it’s time to ramp up those steps!

 So Why Should You Take That First Step With The “Step Together Challenge” With Carrot Rewards?

With the ‘Step Together Challenge’, Carrot will give you a custom step.walking goal based on your activity and engage in some friendly competition and accountability to achieve your goal!

Luckily, it’s easier than ever today to track our daily activity. Every smartphone has a pedometer feature you can activate that tracks your daily steps.

That’s what makes the Carrot app so great!

If your phone is already tracking your daily steps, why wouldn’t you want to earn loyalty rewards and points at the same time?

Walking is Good For Your Health!

According to StatsCanada, roughly a third of Canadian men and women achieved the well-known pedometer target of 10,000 steps per day.

If you’re already tracking your steps, you could be earning rewards with the Carrot App!

The good news is the benefits of walking can deliver just as many benefits compared to other forms of exercise and no matter what age or fitness level- anyone can do it.

Regular walking, like any exercise, is low impact on the joints, is good for weight control, muscles, joints, bones, heart, circulation and psychological well-being.

A sedentary person can take between 1000-3000 steps per day. If you live in the suburbs and drive to work, or work long hours at your job, I know getting those steps in can be a challenge.

 Carrot Helps You Reach Your Physical Goals

You can easily add more walking into your daily life, especially with the accountability of a group challenge.

In fact, this new peer-to-peer feature is estimated to have a 20% average increase in daily physical activity among its hundreds of thousands of users across the country. 

That is pretty amazing!

Carrot is Helping Canadians Make Healthier Choices

Carrot’s Step Together Challenge harnesses the science of Behavioural Economics and the power of “Social Nudges” to create even stronger motivations for its users to achieve their personalized physical activity goals

The “Nudge Theory” is the concept in social psychology that states that people perform better with positive reinforcement and reward.

That’s what makes the Carrot app so great!

Carrot Rewards’ objective is to educate and inspire us to make healthier choices in our life and society.

But what if we could walk more, get fitter, gain rewards and inspire someone else with a friendly “nudge” to join us in our journey, and improve their health and fitness while collecting rewards too?!

Become a Leader, Inspire a Movement!

I know this challenge will help so many of you crush those daily step goals, and challenge yourselves to be the best version of yourselves.

Every fitness challenge requires those daily, baby steps to reach your goals.

The best part is you don’t have to do it alone.

I nominate YOU to join me.

And you can inspire and motivate someone else to take that first step with you in the “Step Together Challenge”, with the knowledge that your influence is a chain reaction of many other downloads that result in more positive lifestyle changes in our community and across Canada!

You’re the leader now!

So, take that first step and download the Carrot App.

Your just one step away from many steps towards greater health, rewards and incentives that may just change your life.

Visit Carrot Rewards and join me in this movement.

Click Here to Download the App!