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 “As someone who is constantly travelling, having a personalized training app like Kirsty’s is a game changer! I love the variety of workouts offered, and appreciate the supportive, empowering community vibe. I may be working out alone, but I am not on my own on this quest to be my best self!”
– Tessa Virtue, Ice Dance Olympic and World Champion


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Metabolic Shape up is more than a total body transformation- It metabolizes a new experience that will reshape the way you think, feel and Perform- when it comes to your approach of eating, fitness and exercising your mindset! 

Choosing one workout over another seems to always be the challenge- your muscles and mind could use the stretch and feelings of Zen from yoga, but cardio and strength training is a necessity plus your abs could use a challenge- Let me take the guesswork out of the equation!

The solution? A unique Metabolic and holistic approach to cross-training every fitness principle into one where Zen meets intensity for a healthier fitter you~ A holistic approach of compressed circuits cross- training Pilates, Strength, toning, HIIT, Plyometric, Power-Haus HIIT Pilates and band toning to incorporate all training principles, so you don’t have to choose between workouts!

The Getitdunne community is finally here to encourage you and support you with the confidence that you WILL achieve your goals! Let’s do this together, and “Getitdunne” Join us!

Based on the science of Periodization 

If you’re looking to get the most out of your workouts, with my fitness app method, you will understand how periodization will begin to deliver amazing results as you progress through my programs. If you have a specific goal and want to see results and enhance workout performance -without a method + progressive plan, you will eventually plateau, become bored or not get the results you are looking for!  

I bring an element of science and planning into exercise variation based on a progressive regime, that cycles Metabolic conditioning through the various principles of holistic fitness conditioning in a deliberate sequence – to maximize results! 

What is Periodization?  

Periodization is a system of progressive workouts in a specific time frame of varying intensities designed to condition you and prepare you for the next level! This will continually challenge your body avoiding plateaus with enough time to result in changes yet reduce the risk of injury, with enough active rest to avoid mental and physical burnout! 

That’s why I have designed a progressive series of workouts every 4-weeks designed into 12-week cycles known as a “Mesocycle”!  The Metabolic shape up collection of full body workouts will condition your body – so you can eventually workout less for more results in less time as you progress through the series!  

Don’t want the full program? Choose from any of the workouts to suit your schedule and goals! 

  • Your body-weight becomes your cardio machine and gym 
  • Increase Metabolic Flexibility to shift between carbohydrate and fat burning more efficiently and faster to prevent insulin sensitivity 
  • Workout less as you progress through the series as you condition your metabolism 
  • Train your body to Achieve the After-burn effect ZONE burning calories long after workouts completed 
  • Cross-train holistically through Pilates, HIIT, Cardio, Strength, Plyometric, functional training and flexibility including my Power-Haus Pilates! 
  • Improve your resting metabolic rate, so you burn more calories healthily in your everyday lifestyle 
  • Less micromanaging calories for a realistic approach to eating healthy. 
  • Increase energy and have a renewed sense of mindset where less becomes more
  • Reduce stress and boost confidence

Periodization will not only take your fitness to the next level but will prepare your mind for what’s next to come as you will be much more confident in your abilities to take on new challenges! 

Check out this video on “Metabolic Flexibility