Featured Success Story!

After having 2 kids, it was hard trying to get my figure back. I never though that losing the pregnancy weight and being active again would be a challenge. I wasn’t watching what I ate; I was eating a lot of junk food and rarely working out. I wanted the old me back. I was not happy with myself and was experiencing health issues. I realized at that point that I need a lifestyle change; I wanted to feel and be happy with the way I looked. I tried going to the gym, doing workout dvd’s on my own; nothing was working.

After reading an article online about Kirsty and seeing her on BT; I reached out to her for help. She put me on the Metabolic Shape up 90-day plan… with a realistic meal and workout plan; It was then a method that I could easily incorporate into my life. What I really loved about this program was that I could do this workout from the comfort of my own home! I didn’t need a treadmill or expensive gym equipment or a gym membership! With a few workout bands and my bodyweight, she taught me that there are no excuses and I transformed my body in my living room!  I was determined to lose the weight, tone up and improve my eating habits. This plan retrained my metabolism and boosted my energy and confidence. I felt inspired to try new healthier meals and grocery shopping was enjoyable! Natures Emporium had some amazing organic options to restore my body, it was the perfect Lifestyle Detox.  It was the best decision I have ever made”. I have lost 8 inches around the waist and lost 20lbs healthily. 

Kirsty doesn’t just give you a program, she analyzes your lifestyle and designs a custom program with her method to help you overcome obstacles that prevent you from reaching your overall goal.   Kirsty Knew exactly what I needed to do! She gave me the tools and support that I needed. She is awesome! xo

Malena DiTomasso 

Mom of 2