It Begins Within.

Renowned celebrity fitness expert and juicing guru Kirsty Dunne’s philosophy for better health is simple: It begins within. That’s why she’s devoted herself to creating transformative programs that target all aspects of healthy living and produce noticeable results in as little as 21 days.

Kirsty’s 3-phase approach

Kirsty Dunne’s signature program, The 21 Day Metabolic Shape Up, is a 3- phase approach that transforms bodies from the inside out through customized juicing, nutrition and workout plans that banish calorie counting, hours in the kitchen and long trips to the gym.

Bring It All Together.

Discover your best body ever – with Kirsty’s signature 21 Day Metabolic Shape Up.


Real World Clients, Real Results

Home-Clients-Michelle “My days of yo-yo dieting and excuses to now workout are behind me thanks to Kirsty Dunne’s 21 day Lifestyle detox ™ plan!”
– Michelle Gellar, Writer

Home-Clients-Mario-Lopez “The perfect plan for sculpting your best body ever!”
– Mario Lopez, “Knock Out Fitness”- Celebrity Training

Home-Clients-Susan“It was the perfect reset and lifestyle change in dropping those stubborn inches and few lbs- I was feeling great.”
– Susan Niczowski, President of Summer Fresh Foods

Home-Clients-Peter-Cornell “Kirsty keeps me feeling like I am fresh out of college although I am a 10 year pro this upcoming season.”
– Peter Cornell, LA Lakers

“Kirsty keeps me feeling like I am fresh out of college although I am a 10 year pro this upcoming season.”
Peter Cornell, LA Lakers

Kirsty’s Blog: Sharing The Latest Health and Wellness Tips

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It Begins Within.

Find out why Mario Lopez and the L.A. Lakers have all called on Kirsty when they needed to get in shape for special events and appearances.